Everything on hold for sunsets like tonight’s. (at Bellingham, Washington)

Well played sir, well played. #smirnoff #ice #iced

"keep up" live 6/20/14. #repost from @ofhredmond! 😎✌️#pnw #live #local #bellingham #music #candysound thanks y’all! (at Old Redmond Firehouse)

…the result is a fabulously original sounding “thing” coming from these fellows. The title track [Million] was certainly one of the best songs I’ve heard this year, Crider’s Stratocaster and Fitzgibbon’s skin working like a fine oiled machine…” -Boris Budd, What’s Up! Magazine (Bellingham) 

"…shimmering well crafted vocals push through the drums and waves of guitar distortion to create a sound that is a combination of Beck, The Black Keys, and Lou Reed to these ears. ‘I’ll Drive Forever’ buzzes with a energy that makes it hard not to love as the aaah sounds wash over the chorus." -Moon Biscuits Blog (Bremerton) 

"A Bellingham-based guitar/drum duo, Candysound’s songs are rife with super-catchy melodies and carefully crafted pop rock hooks. Tom Fitzgibbon’s shuffling drum beats are a perfect match for Teo Crider’s jangly guitar and charmingly subtle vocals." -EMP Sound Off! Panel (Seattle)


Released December 12th, 2009 
Teo sang and played guitar. 
Tom played drums, 
and Lindsay sang too!

So ready for summerin’. #pnw #Fender #MIJ #Jaguar (at Old Redmond Firehouse Teen Center)

Never realized there was so much musical history here! @vctnr on next! #pnw #local #music #poster #elliottsmith (at Old Redmond Firehouse Teen Center)



Accidentally got interviewed for the school paper.

This is a song we recorded with Audio Sherpa this fall and it’s an idea that’s been bouncing around the practice space for a little while now. This particular version didn’t quite fit right and ended up being cut from the album, but we hope you dig this work-in-progress!